Meet the grower - David Figgis

David Figgis is a Rockit apple grower in the UK, we caught up with David to find out why he loves growing Rockit™ apples.

Where abouts is your Rockit™ apple orchard?

We grow Rockit™ apples in Kent, my oldest Rockit™ apple orchard is right next to my garden, I’m dedicated to the concept.

What made you want to grow Rockit™ apples?

There are so many reasons to want to grow Rockit™ apples!

Firstly - have you tried eating Rockit™ apples? They're the best!!

Secondly, I love the grab and go snack concept.

What differences have you experienced growing Rockit™ apples compared to conventional apples?

It is a very expensive variety to grow, everything about it is more than normal apples, nutrition, thinning, picking, packing.... so it needs the premium it deserves.

What do you enjoy most about growing Rockit™ apples?

Eating it!!!!

Closing comments

Rockit apples are the best apple I have ever eaten and I'd like to remain the number 1 grower in the UK.