Michael Stafford

Meet the grower - Michael Stafford

Lenswood Co-operative, producers of Australia’s finest apples are thrilled to be launching Rockit™ apples into the Australian market in 2016. Michael Stafford  of Lenswood shares why it’s rewarding growing Rockit™ apples and how it’s different to conventional apples.  

Where abouts is your Rockit™ apple orchard?
High in the Adelaide hills about 30 km east of Adelaide in the heart of south Australia’s main apple growing area at Lenswood.

What made you want to grow Rockit™ apples?
I thought it was a great opportunity to be part of something really new and exciting in the apple snack category and then when I tasted the apple I was hooked as it’s one of the best apples I’ve ever tasted.

What differences have you experienced growing Rockit™ apples compared to conventional apples?
The main difference is at picking time as they are a lot smaller than most mainstream apples so it takes a lot of apples to fill a bin!

What do you enjoy most about growing Rockit™ apples?
It’s very rewarding when you get feedback from consumers on how fantastic they have found the experience when they first try them, so different from any other apple they have tried.

What aspirations do you have for Rockit™ growing in the future?
I’m hoping that this is the start of reinventing the apple category focusing much more on a guaranteed quality eating experience every time and as such I will be working to deliver that