Why are Rockit apples sold in a tube

Why are Rockit™ apples sold in a tube?

We’ve had several questions asking why we sell Rockit™ apples in recyclable plastic tubes. It may seem strange at first, so please give us a moment to explain.

Rockit™ apples are the world’s first snack-sized apple; naturally developed in New Zealand and grown in Hawke’s Bay. They're picked, washed and sorted, pretty much like any other New Zealand apple. But Rockit™ apple’s small size and delicious, sweet taste make it the perfect 100% natural, healthy, grab ‘n go snack food.

In New Zealand, we’re lucky that we haven’t had many significant food safety or security issues.  We tend to buy loose apples stacked up at the supermarket. We put them in a plastic bag, take them home (some of us wash them) and either cut them up or eat them whole. Most of us don’t buy fruit at the dairy, at the service station, at the sports park, at work or at the zoo. But why not?

With Rockit™ apples we’re making clean, fresh, 100% natural, healthy apples available as an on-the-go snack food. We’re hoping that consumers will choose Rockit™ apples instead of processed snacks and we’re working to place Rockit™ apples where natural food is usually not readily available.

So, this brings us to Rockit™ apple’s recyclable plastic tube. It keeps the fruit clean (no unknown grubby hands or germs), fresh and it’s portable. It’s good for in the car, after school, at work or in the sports bag. It makes it easy for retailers to make 100% natural, locally grown fruit available alongside packaged snacks.

We’re actively working to come up with new ways to package Rockit™ apples. This includes a fully compostable cardboard tube which is currently being tested to meet food safety, global exporting and durability standards. Watch this space.

So, in short, thanks for your questions and for the feedback. We hear you, we understand and we’re working on it.

From the Rockit™ apple team

Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand