Fuel for school

The transition back into school can be a big change, both for children and their families. Successfully transitioning back into school is all about fuelling up with Rockit, staying active, keeping things fun, and getting into a new rhythm.

Whether school is in person, or at home via Zoom, we want to help you and your family find your rhythm.

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    Keep things fun

    Find your rhythm

    Find your rhythm by fuelling up with Rocki, staying active and keeping things fun. Download these cool activities to help you find yours.

    Show us your colouring skills – to go in the draw to win a Rocki backpack, send your coloured sheets to: [email protected]ple.com. Terms and conditions apply

    Meet Rocki

    No-one’s quite sure when Rocki arrived on the scene – all we know is Rocki’s a core part of the Rockit family. Because Rocki is concentrated Rockit™ apple attitude. Rocki is amplified Rockit™ apple awesomeness. Rocki is totally unique, full of natural energy, and everyone’s favourite snack sized side-kick.

    The original apple with attitude

    Rocki might be the smallest of the bunch, but Rocki packs some serious punch. Rocki brings high energy, huge personality, and heaps of fun. A quirky, cheeky, charming, clever character who sees things slightly differently, who always sees the bright side, and who always strives to make you smile.

    What’s Rocki been up to recently?

    Rocki’s here to spread the word about Rockit™ apple awesomeness. To share the fun, the flavour, and the natural goodness. Inspiring and people all around the world to Rockit every day, in all new ways. Recently, Rocki’s been helping everyone get excited about back-to-school by getting kids moving. Where will Rocki pop up next? Who knows! Keep an eye out near you…

    Stay active

    Move with Rocki

    Here are a few ways you can move with Rocki and fuel for school.

    Got other ideas? Show us how you move on Instagram.