Meet Rocki

No one’s quite sure when Rocki popped onto the scene… all we know is Rocki’s a core part of our family. Because Rocki is concentrated Rockit™ apple attitude – totally unique, full of natural energy, and everyone’s favourite snack sized side-kick.

No Ordinary Apple

Rocki is a quirky, charming, clever character whose favourite thing in the world is positivity. That’s why Rocki teleports from place to place – to bring happiness and brighten your day!

Rocki is here to help share positive energy and spread the word about Rockit™ apple awesomeness – all over the world!

What’s Rocki up to?

Rocki’s always getting out there and giving things a go. Skateboarding? Why not! A spot of cricket with Kane? Sure! Spinning around just for the sake of it? Yeah! If there’s positive energy involved, Rocki’s there!

We reckon Rocki’s pretty cool. But with all that teleporting, Rocki’s a bit hard to keep track of… who knows where Rocki’s going to pop up next? All we can say is, wherever there’s happiness, positivity, and some deliciously nutritious Rockit™ apples… Rocki won’t be far away!

Rocki Activity

Follow Rocki on his journey through the maze to the Rockit™ apple.

Are you able to get Rocki through the maze on the first go?

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Stay active

Move with Rocki

Here are a few ways you can move with Rocki and stay active.

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