Rockit™ apple partners with The Tiny Chef to showcase unique apples

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Rockit™ Apple, the original miniature-sized apple grown for on-the-go snacking, is partnering with Instagram sensation, The Tiny Chef, a 6.5 in. tall herbivore that creates tiny dishes and helping to spread the word about the world’s first tiny apple.

Tiny Chef became fast friends with notable celebrities like Kristen Bell and boasts an international Instagram following of more than 600,000 fans. As a winner of two 2021 Webby Awards, The Tiny Chef has won the hearts of people around the world with his endearing voice and tiny culinary creations.

The Tiny Chef is making his way from Portland, Oregon to Hollywood on a quest to fulfill his dreams of hosting his very own cooking show on television. To help support Tiny Chef’s trek to Hollywood, Rockit™ Apple is sponsoring The Tiny Chef’s journey to help fuel his energy every step of the way.

“We have been fans of the Tiny Chef for a long time and are honoured to sponsor Cheffy’s adventure to Hollywood,” says Julie DeJarnatt, director of retail strategy for Chelan Fresh. “Both our apples and Tiny Chef are so unique and tiny—this was a natural partnership that we had to take part in.”

Rockit, a healthy and sweet miniature apple that is perfect for on-the-go snacking, will be featured on The Tiny Chef Show channels August 31 and September 14 as Tiny Chef treks down the Pacific Crest Trail with Rockit™ apples to power his journey. Watch on the @tinychefshow Instagram page and learn more about Rockit™ apples at

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