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Win a season's supply of Rockit™ apples!

Rockit™ apples are easy to eat when you are out and about. Tag us in a photo of you and Rockit™ apples on the go and you could win a... Read More

Could eating fruit and vegetables save your life?

Recently Niki Bezzant wrote a great article for the New Zealand Herald explaining how eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables (and low in processed foods and unhealthy fats)... Read More

Downloadable Christmas card

Keep the kids busy with this downloadable Xmas card while you get on top of things! Read More

Baked Rockit™ apple chips

Rockit™ apples make perfectly portioned little chips sprinkled with a cocoa spice mix and a little cayenne pepper for a surprise hint of heat. Read More

Rockit™ apple granola

Look forward to breakfast with this delicious Rockit™ apple granola. Credit: Leah Itsines for Aussie Apples Read More

Halloween Rockit™ apple chocolate spiders

Get into the spirit of Halloween with these deliciously scary chocolate spiders! Read More

Are you eating apples the wrong way?

Click here to read how the way we eat an apple can impact the health benefits received. Read More

Meet the grower - David Figgis

David Figgis is a Rockit™ apple grower in the UK, we caught up with David to find out why he loves growing Rockit™ apples. Read More

Why are Rockit apples sold in a tube

Why are Rockit™ apples sold in a tube?

We’ve had several questions asking why we sell Rockit™ apples in recyclable plastic tubes. It may seem strange at first, so please give us a moment to explain. Read More

Rockit bircher museli

Rockit™ apple bircher museli

Start your day with Rockit™ apple bircher muesli for a delicious and nutritious breakfast that will fill you up with goodness. Read More

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