Hike up the happiness 

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Looking for a refreshingly good Mother’s Day activity? Getting outdoors and going for a hike could be the perfect excursion. Hiking is a simple way to escape the daily grind, boost your mental wellness, and improve your physical health. What’s more, you can enjoy the experience with your nearest and dearest.  

You don’t need to be a skilled hiker or adventure seeker, anyone of any age or ability will benefit from this wholesome activity. And the options are endless. You can choose to take a flat stroll through the bush, meander across rolling hills, or make a tough climb to a high peak. Whatever you go for, you’ll get a taste of some pretty powerful perks 

Hiking helps improve your physical health 

Regular hiking is great for improving your fitness and lifting your heart health. It can help you build stronger muscles in the legs and glutes, increase core stability, and improve your balance and agility.  

It creates happy endorphins 

Like any exercise outdoors, hiking is a sure-fire way to transform your mood. Studies have found that working out among nature sparks increased feelings of revitalisation, energy and positivity (it also helps ease any feelings of tension or anger). And the benefits kick in fast. Just 20 minutes in nature is all it takes to lower stress hormone levels and boost mood. The moodboosting effects are particularly powerful for young people, which is why hiking with your children can really pay off. If you want to maximize the mood-boosting powers, try a walk alongside a riverbed, as physical activity in the presence of water can be particularly beneficial.  

It helps protect your mental wellness 

Getting active in the sunshine can be a great way to fend off any feelings of anxiety or depression. Researchers found that people who exercise outdoors at least once per week have about half the risk of poor mental health than those who only exercise indoors. Physical activity in nature also can ease the impact of seasonal affective disorder, and soothe any feelings of sadness and anxiety brought on by the weather.  

It creates special memories 

Spending time outdoors in the fresh, clean air can be invigorating, rejuvenating and even slightly spiritual. When you share these outdoor experiences with others it can bring you closer together and help create lasting memories and strong bonds.  

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Written by,
Emma Hogan


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