Healthy fuel for boosted brain power

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If you want your kids to really sink their teeth into their schoolwork, then mixing bite-sized bursts of activity with nutritious eating is one of the healthiest recipes for success 

Move for your mind 

Whether it’s learning ABCs, studying for a mid-year exam, or working towards a Ph.D., mixing study with movement can be key to achievement. Regular physical activity can help sharpen academic ability, boost cognitive power, improve memory and increase attention span. It can also enhance executive function – which means being able to think differently, adapt to new situations, and regulate emotions. Interestingly, when scientists assessed the white matter inside 1,200 young people’s brains they found those who were fit and active were more likely to have superior memory and thinking skills. 

So what type of activity is best? Aerobic exercise like running, bike riding, and playing sports is a winner. This type of heart-rate rising activity can increase the brain’s gray matter (the parts of the brain that contain the cell bodies of neurons), which lifts the brain’s processing capabilities. And it happens fast! Even just one session of cardio activity can deliver notable brain-boosting benefits.  

 Food for thought 

If you want to dial up the mind-sharpening benefits of exercise fueling up on healthy foods is also key. This means eating the rainbow, with colourful fruits and vegetables, omega-3s, whole grains and protein. This type of nutrient-dense diet promotes the growth of good gut bacteria. The good gut bacteria then stimulate the production of serotonin and dopamine which leads to more enthusiasm and positivity for any task at hand.   

Of course, focus can go out the window when some foods come into play. It’s a good idea to avoid sugary treats, sodas and juices, processed foods, refined grains and processed meats if you want to maintain a brighter mood and good levels of concentration.   

Graze on goodness 

What’s best for brightening brain power? Fish, berries, nuts and dark chocolate are well-regarded for their mind-boosting powers. But the natural energy and nutrients in apples are also pretty hard to beat. Bite into an apple, and along with natural fructose and sucrose that your body easily converts to energy, you also get a powerful punch of fibre, vitamins and antioxidants. Scientists note that apple skin is particularly valuable, as it is rich in phytonutrients that can spark the creation of brain neurons, which can boost learning and memory ability. 

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Written by,
Emma Hogan 




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