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Rocking it for 20 years

Rockit began as a tiny seed of an idea 20 years ago. While the rest of the world was super-sizing, we did the opposite. We created the perfect snack size apple, packed with concentrated flavour and goodness. Then we thought different again, and put them in a tube that’s 100% convenient, and 100% recyclable. And because we grow in 10 countries worldwide, our apples are fresh all year around.

Lock in the crunch

Our tubes are convenient, resealable and fully recyclable. We wash and carefully pack our apples straight into the tubes, keeping them clean, safe and fresher for longer. Just grab a handy tube, and you’re ready to take on the world.


Countries and counting

We’re incredibly proud that Rockit™ apples are one of the world’s favourite energy-boosting snacks. They’re loved by everyone from kids to elite athletes, in 30 countries around the globe – and counting.


Perfect every day of the year

Rockit™ apples are always crisp, sweet and delicious, no matter where you are in the world. We grow in 10 countries for freshness all year around – so you can Rockit every day.

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We’re only just getting started

Everyone has the potential to Rockit, so we make it easy and fun to do exactly that. We’re determined to do things different and find more ways to help people take on the world – one bite at a time.