The Rockit Story

At Rockit, we’re taking on the world one small bite at a time. This is our story.

A world beating idea

Rockit started out as a tiny seed of an idea. It’s taken over 20 years of dedication, passion and ambition. But tree by tree, orchard by orchard, we’ve grown that seed of an idea into a global business with a vision to be the world’s most loved apple brand. Rockit apples are now enjoyed by consumers in more than 30 countries worldwide… and counting.

The Rockit Story

Our Special Place

To grow something well, you need to plant it in the right place. For us, that special place is called Heretaunga, on the East Coast of New Zealand’s North Island.

It’s known as the fruit bowl of New Zealand for good reason. Here, clear waters, pure fresh air, fertile lands, abundant sunshine, create a flourishing natural environment and make it the perfect place to grow deliciously sweet and crunchy apples.

Seeing Things Differently

It takes a special bunch of people to grow the goodness of Rockit apples.
From our dedicated growers, to our awesome pickers and packers, to our amazing marketers, distributors and sellers all over the world. We’re all sorts of unique characters, all connected by an unstoppable passion, a desire for action over talk, and an ability to think and do different.

Capturing the Goodness

Rockit™ apples are not just bite-sized. They're packed full of grab and go goodness and deliciousness and packed into a super handy tube - an innovative idea that changes the game and locks in the crunch.

We make sure Rockit™ apples reach you in the very best condition. Taking care at every step to ensure the highest quality and freshness. At our state-of-the-art Packhouse, we pick and wash and pack our apples straight from the orchard into our premium, innovative packaging - so they're cleaner, safer and fresher for longer. We've also got a robotic auto packer which sorts and packs every tube consistently with the best quality apples, improving safety, efficiency and quality control.

We're capturing all the goodness, so your consumers can simply twist, pop, crunch!

Get your hands on these apples

Rockit™ apples are available all year, in 30 countries around the world. Here’s where we are near you.