Rock the holidays with these 5 tips

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You don’t have to go large during the festive season. In fact, focusing on the smaller things in life can be the secret to holistic happiness over the holidays. Follow these five healthy habits and you and your loved ones can avoid silly season stress and enjoy feel-good festivities with spark and energy.  

Tip #1: Take time to exercise. When you feel physically well, you have the energy and enthusiasm to hype up the holiday fun. It takes just 10 minutes of exercise to spark a mood boost and 20 minutes of exercise can leave you with good vibes that last up to 12 hours. And if you get just a few regular workouts under your belt you can expect the mood-boosting benefits of exercise to stay in your system for weeks.  

Tip #2: Be mindful. This could be a meditation or breathwork practice or simply bringing more awareness to specific tasks. Being more mindful helps create a sense of awareness, encourages our minds to operate less reactively and keeps emotions balanced. Some scientists believe those who engage in mindfulness practices have greater compassion for others and themselves – which is key to a happy holiday period.  

Tip #3: Balance socialising and solitude. Socialising, partying and end-of-year celebrations can make an already hectic time of year feel even crazier – and you can feel the pressure to feel happy and joyful around the clock. Rather than forcing constant holiday cheer, take time to priortise more calming activities too, perhaps reading a book or taking a walk.   

Tip #4: Snack smart. ‘Tis the season for festive indulgence, but that doesn’t mean going crazy with sugary treats. Make sure you still get your daily dose of fruit and veges – and of course, rock your favourite apples. Convenient and healthy, snack-size Rockit™ apples are full of concentrated flavour, energy and nutrients. Along with natural fructose and sucrose that your body easily converts to energy, every bite of a Rockit™ apple also packs a powerful punch of fibre, vitamins and antioxidants to keep you feeling tip top. 

Tip #5: Gratitude over gifts. Gift-giving is a wonderful holiday tradition, but agonising over the perfect pressies can be stressful. So, rather than focusing on the specifics of any gift, instead, focus on the sentiment behind the gift – that is the gratitude you want to express. Focusing on feelings of gratitude is linked to greater happiness, it creates more positive emotions and nurtures stronger relationships. 

Keep these five tips front of mind and you’ll set yourself up for a festive season bursting with a healthy dose of happiness – not to mention embed healthy habits for the year ahead. 

Written by,
Emma Hogan

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