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Enjoying time with your kids, working, holding down the fort at home, squeezing in exercise, eating healthy, sleeping well, being more mindful, helping with homework, and keeping your pot plants alive.. Yes, you actually can enjoy it all!

It all comes down to getting your routine in check. By getting the fundamentals of a good routine sorted you are setting yourself to live your best life – so you can seamlessly tick off everyday jobs and sink you teeth into all the things that make you happy.

The first thing to know if that routine is a good thing. Structuring your days make it easier to stick to healthy habits (like exercise and eating well). Researchers have found that following a routine boosts productivity and focus, improves mental wellness, builds confidence and it helps ease stress too.

There is no single wining formula. We all rely on varying degrees of routine to function at our optimum. Some of us thrive by sticking to a hard-and-fast schedule, while some of us feel better when we pick and choose priorities based on mood.

Finding your sweet spot starts when you focus on the healthy habits you want to keep and identify the bad habits you want to show the door. For example, preparing a nutritious breakfast the night before is almost certainly a winning habit – it’s one less thing to do in the morning and ensures your first meal of the day is a healthy one. But repeatedly pressing snooze on your morning alarm is not so beneficial. As soon as you identify your good and bad habits, you can start dealing back o the habits that don’t serve you and replacing them with more positive behaviours.

To make sure your new habits stick, experts recommend making small changes and focusing on just one thing at a time. This is because it’s easier to make positive change when you have fewer decisions to make. Planning meals, packing a lunch instead of buying one, and booking your workouts are all actions you can take that make healthy choices easier.

The basics of a healthy routine:

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