Rockit takes Chinese traditions into the future

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Rockit Global is putting a fresh spin on a key traditional date on the Chinese calendar, integrating augmented reality into its creative marketing campaign celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival.

Designed and drawn by renowned Shanghai-based artist, Yixin Zeng, 218,000 limited edition Rockit gift boxes are hitting stores this Mid-Autumn Festival. The addition of augmented reality will attract and engage consumers, allowing them to enjoy the traditional festival in a new way.

Despite challenges during the start of the season with Shanghai in lockdown, Rockit has seen a 13 percent uplift in sales volume year on year in Mainland China (YTD September 2022 vs YTD September 2021). Rockit Market Manager for China, Eric Dai says this momentum is set to continue with Mid-Autumn Festival being a peak consumer demand period in China.

“Last year, Rockit sales volume climbed 62 percent year on year (YTD September 2021 vs YTD September 2020). To continue the trend this year, Rockit will make a strong impact in store with POS displays and themed stores to help drive sales of our innovative, interactive gift boxes.

“This years’ Rockit x Yixin gift boxes combine cutting edge consumer technology and the traditions of the festival, creating shareable moments for our consumers and their families, while building connection to the Rockit brand and driving consumer demand,” says Eric.

Using augmented reality in their own home, Eric explains, consumers can scan the moon (or any round object) to show interactive campaign elements taken from the gift box artwork including animations, frames and stickers. “These can be shared with their friends and family on WeChat to help connect Rockit with millions more consumers.”

In an innovative new way to get its apples in front of more consumers, Rockit is also collaborating with online influencers who are building awareness of the campaign through their own creative expression.

Rockit Global Brand Manager, Hannah de Valda says one of these influencers, artist Aimee, has created a stunning piece of artwork from elements of the gift boxes with Rockit packaging.

“Made from Rockit’s recyclable packaging, the artwork depicts a crystal palace on the moon from a well-known traditional Chinese legend, and has been displayed at interactive consumer roadshows in key retail stores across five cities in China.

“These highly engaging in-store activities – including sampling, traditional Mid-Autumn Festival games and merchandise competitions – combined with the strong giftbox design, have already seen Rockit sales triple in these stores,” says Hannah.

The Rockit x Yixin gift boxes contain three or six packs of iconic snack sized apples and are on sale until 10 September.

As part of its ambition to be the world’s most loved apple brand, Rockit continues to explore innovative new ways of connecting with consumers in its key markets through localised brand partnerships and engaging content.

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