Ready to Rockit at Gulfood this February

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One Rockit apple sliced into multiple slices, stacked on top of each other.

Taking on the Middle East one bite at a time!

Premium New Zealand apple company, Rockit Global, is proud to be one of 4,000 innovative producers, retailers and manufacturers showcasing excellence at Gulfood, the largest annual food and beverage expo in the world.

Rockit™ apples are already a huge hit across the globe due to their miniature size (ideal for children’s hands), as well as their crispness, colour, and outstanding concentrated flavour.

Packing a nutritional punch, General Manager Global Sales, Mark Pay says Rockit™ apples have surged in popularity with families wanting to make healthy choices, busy professionals, and those who love to get active. “Our tasty and crunchy apples are carefully packed into convenient packaging that protects the fruit, while making snacking on the run effortless.”

In the Middle East, where Gulfood is set to be held from 13-17 February 2022, sales are soaring, with Rockit recording a 47% increase year on year (2020 v 2021).

Mark says taking part in Gulfood is an incredible opportunity to get Rockit™ apples into the hands of yet more customers hungry for delicious, nutritious snacks. “We’re excited to be showcasing Rockit alongside some of the world’s biggest F&B brands to help continue our strong growth trajectory in one of our key markets.”

This is the third time Rockit – a patented variety, bred for size and flavour and now grown exclusively for Rockit in 10 countries – is exhibiting at Gulfood. The company expects thousands of visitors to their stand, where they will be presenting their two-piece and five-piece packs.

Mark also sees the expo, held at the Dubai World Trade Centre, as a springboard for a deeper push into the Middle East region. Rockit has already enjoyed great success marketing and distributing in partnership with leading retailers, he says.

“Rockit™ apples can be found in a number of outlets where commodity apples traditionally are not sold – for example airports, convenience stores and coffee shops,” Mark concludes. “We’ll continue expanding our distribution through strong relationships with retailers, and we are very excited to share our story with thousands of future fans and customers at Gulfood.”

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